Dear Yiannis,

Others on the list can probably explain this better than I, but I 
suspect what you really need to make citations to single lines or other 
snippets of text in Perseus (or elsewhere) is to the the CTS (Canonical 
Text Services) URIs, which Perseus, for example, will implement either 
as links or as a web service to return a text or XML snippet. See 
<> for an 
overview of the syntax.

For example, you can cite the first ten lines of the Iliad with the URI 
(which includes the URN):

These URIs are always given at the bottom right of a text page in 
Perseus, and you can see from the CTS specification page above how to 
cite a given line number, a given version of the text (English vs Greek, 
a particular edition, etc.).

In the expectation that someone will correct or clarify the above...

Hope this helps,


On 17/05/2017 17:49, Yiannis Doukas wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am working on a digital intertextuality project as part of my Ph.D. In
> this, I will present late Greek epic texts along with a commentary
> focusing on sources and parallels.
> I’m planning to cross-reference to the texts as they are included in the
> Perseus Digital Library, by using the Citation URI stable identifier
> provided. My problem is that, in most cases, I only need to link to
> short passages, of two or three lines, or even specific words, while (if
> I am not mistaken) the citation URIs correspond to larger chunks of text
> (or even whole poems).
> My question then: is it possible to manipulate the URI or is there some
> other way available in order to link to a specific line in a text of the
> Perseus Digital Library?
> Thanking you in advance,
> Yiannis Doukas

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