Thanks Paul,

And no worries, we know everyone is having more and more stuff piled onto our workloads!

Count me in; I'm happy with either scenario and have direct contribute access to Xerte so I'm very familiar with Github.


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Subject: Re: WebPA Development

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all.

I guess this is just a holding email, for now, as we're in the middle of an intensive and time sensitive project at the moment, which means we've simply not had the time to properly consider and respond to the community discussions on the list.  However, we are happy in principal to open the code repository up and have community involvement in managing pull requests, etc.  After Easter, we'll hopefully be able to talk with you properly about next steps.

In the meantime, I'd suggest that those who wish to help actively manage the code-base raise their hands on the list. - I know a couple of you have already volunteered yourselves in this email thread, but a clear list of who wants to be involved further would help.

Those who may contribute code but don't want to be involved in managing the code-base can simply submit pull requests via github as normal.

Paul Newman
Senior PHP Developer
Learning Technologies & Digital Innovation Group, IT Services
Loughborough University

From: Millington, Andrew John
Subject: Re: WebPA Development

Hi John,

                Yes I agree totally. Ideally, if we can be added as contributors, we can then establish a roadmap for future development. Off the top of my head, some things that need addressing in the not too distant future are:

o   Reviewing and merging the outstanding pull requests
o   Establishing a coding standard
o   Fixing the LDAP authentication issues
o   Moving to PDO from any old mysql/mysqli calls
o   Supporting LTI 2
o   Fixing the bugs around importing old forms
o   Removing code that has been flagged as deprecated and aiming to support PHP 7

This list is obviously not exhaustive and can be expanded upon/decided at the upcoming meeting that has been proposed but it all hinges on getting access to the code repository. I will keep trying to get in touch with the current repository owners and update here as soon as I have anything to report,

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