Hi All,

Sounds like a very good idea.

I’m sure we could host the the meeting at the RVC in Camden - we’re only 5 mins walk from St Pancras & Euston so for those travelling from up north or the continent it should be easy to get to.


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Hello all,
Good to see the interest in WebPA is still so high.
I didn’t get much response last year, but as there is some growing and new activity, we can try to organise a meeting again this year.
A hybrid face-to-face/webinar could work well – is anyone based in London interested in potentially hosting a meeting for those that want f2f?
Otherwise, we can look at a virtual meeting.
I will put out some potential dates on doodle once we have a decision on potential venues.
You can reply to suggest/offer venue/dates [ or send me suggestions direct ([log in to unmask]) to reduce list traffic].
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​Hi Matthias,
I'd be really interested in also being part of the development team as we are planning to roll this out at our institution in the very near future but face-face meetings 'might' be an issue for me with work, childcare and other commitments.
Currently I am also a member of the development team and pmc for The Xerte Project (https://github.com/thexerteproject/xerteonlinetoolkits/​) and have only had to meet face to face with the team twice in the past 4 1/2 years but we always use github, email, zoom, trello, etc for communication so for those who cannot physically make meetings it is still very easy to be involved.
We have a forum and community site and transfer issues reported there to Github where we self assign to issues, work on them and commit back into develop.
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Maybe we should arrange a meeting for anyone able and willing to deal with WebPA development. 
Last time I know of such a meetup wat during a workshop at University of Hull in March 2014.
Neil from University of Hull did call out for a development meeting last year, but I seem never to have seen an actual date for that. (See attached email).
Maybe we should re-visit that idea? Personally I’d prefer the London area for the meetup which is easier to get to from Ghent and it doesn’t involve taking a boat! ;)

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