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Apologies for any cross-posting. Given recent trends and commentaries on the position of economic geography within the discipline we are running a workshop on ‘Whatever happened to UK economic geography? Reassessing its future role’.  This is a free event that is open to all. Further details are below. 

Workshop on Whatever happened to UK economic geography? Reassessing its future role
1st June
School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University

Recent times have witnessed the increasing movement of economic geographers from geography to business schools in the UK. This has been accompanied by business school academics becoming more interested in the geographical nature of economic relations, although many would not identify themselves as economic geographers. At the same time academics in other geography sub-disciplines have started to examine certain issues relating to ‘the economic’, including research on waste, moral and informal economies.

The purpose of this workshop is to examine, amongst other things, the:
•       experiences of those working in geography or business schools;
•       implications of the movement of economic geographers to business schools;
•       benefits for economic geographers of working in business schools;
•       potential future role of economic geography in geography schools.

Ultimately, the aim of the workshop is to discuss what can be done to ensure economic geography remains a critical sub-discipline in geography schools, and develops strong links with other social sciences.

The event is co-sponsored by the Economic Geography Research Group.

Speakers include:
Dr Al James (Newcastle University)
Professor Jon Beaverstock (Bristol University) 
Dr Jennifer Johns (Liverpool University) 
Professor Kevin Morgan (Cardiff University) 
Professor Gillian Bristow (Cardiff University) 
Professor James Falconbridge (Lancaster University)
Professor Neil Coe (NUS)
Laura Dixon (Cardiff University)

Please register to attend at the following website:

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