Dear all,
we would like to draw your attention to a special issue on /The Limits of Resistance in Public Spaces/ that has just been made available online at the website of Space and Culture (see mail below).

We think the issue as a whole and its individual articles are highly relevant for the list, as the issue presents contributions that address the theme of critique on two dimensions. First regarding the sphere of politics and culture in public space (in Bejing, Cairo, Istanbul, Berlin, Barcelona and in the UK), and second because it aims to present a critical angle on academic research on resistance that focuses just on artistic and/or political practices of resistance, and not enough on how they are received (or not), how they are spread (or not), and how long-lived (or not) they are.

We explicitly wanted to address an academic bias that might lead us to over-appreciate the avant-garde and to be mostly concerned how we and our cultural-elite friends from academia perceive acts of resistance instead of also questioning how other parts of the population might perceive them.

Please feel free to contact us or the individual authors if you have problems accessing the articles!

Lars & lars

Space and Culture- Volume: 20, Number: 2 (May 2017) <>

The Limits of Resistance in Public Spaces <> Lars Frers, Lars Meier


Resistance in Public Spaces: Questions of Distinction, Duration, and Expansion <>  Lars Frers, Lars Meier

Urban Regeneration and “Resistance of Place”: Foregrounding Time and Experience <> Monica Degen

Transformations of Public Space and the Limits of Resistance in Biographic Narratives of Workers <> Lars Meier

Cairo: Restoration? And the Limits of Street Politics <> Mona Abaza

A “Magic and Poetic” Moment of Dissensus: Aesthetics and Politics in the June 2013 (Gezi Park) Protests in Turkey <> E. Attila Aytekin

Beijing ’89: The Duration of the Event <> Robert H. Emerton

Performing “Moral Resistance”? Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Activism in Public Space <> Lucy Jackson, Gill Valentine

The Resistance of Fun: Fixed-Gear Cycling in Urban Public Spaces
<> Roman Eichler


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