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Friday 15 September 2017
Media City UK, University of Salford
Call for papers

The production of music often involves interdisciplinary challenges, requiring creativity, extensive knowledge of audio processing and exceptional listening skills. Many of these complex production processes have rules that could be made more intuitive, or managed by intelligent processes. Intelligent Music Production focuses on developing systems that map these requirements into automated or adaptive processes within the production chain to achieve results which are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. 
This event will provide an overview of the tools and techniques currently being developed in the field, whilst providing insight for audio engineers, producers and musicians looking to gain access to new technologies. The day will consist of presentations from leading academics, keynotes, posters and demonstrations. 
Suggested topics:
- Intelligent music production systems for common tasks such as level-balancing, equalisation, dynamic range processing, audio editing, etc.
- Intelligent music production systems capable of: generating/performing music; supporting the musical creativity of human users; incorporating affective responses.
- Philosophical foundations of IMP systems
- Accessibility in IMP systems
- Surveys of state-of-the-art techniques in the area
- Studies on the applicability of IMP techniques to other research areas
Submissions in the following general areas will also be considered:
- Perception, psychoacoustics and evaluation
- Source separation
- Semantic audio processing
- Musical similarity and structure analysis

Paper submission:
We welcome submissions on intelligent music production from researchers worldwide at all stages of their careers.
Paper submissions are accepted in PDF format and should be between 2 and 4 pages including references. Templates for submission can be found on the event website. Papers should be sent to [log in to unmask].
On submission, authors should express in their email a preference for either poster or oral presentation. Posters will be presented during the coffee and lunch breaks.

The one-day conference will take place at the Digital Performance Lab at the University of Salford Media City campus (15 September 2017), and will be preceded by a welcome event with demos at the University of Salford main campus (14 September 2017).

Important dates:
10 April 2017 1st call for papers
10 May 2017 2nd call for papers
15 June 2017 Deadline for full-paper submission
15 July 2017 Notification of acceptance
15 August 2017 Camera-ready paper submission
14 September 2017 Welcome event and demos
15 September 2017 Conference

Further details will be made available at http://www.semanticaudio.co.uk/events/wimp2017/. For more information about the event, please get in touch with the Intelligent Music Production committee:
Bruno Fazenda (chair), [log in to unmask] 
Alex Wilson (co-chair), [log in to unmask] 
Ryan Stables, [log in to unmask] 
Josh Reiss, [log in to unmask] 
Brecht De Man, [log in to unmask] 


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