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You're all invited to a unique concert featuring works created with computers as creative partners drawing on a uniquely human tradition: instrumental folk music. Our concert is centred around a computer program we have trained with over 23,000 ``Celtic'' tunes. We will showcase works involving composers and musicians co-creating music with our program, drawing upon the features it has learned from this tradition, and combining it with human imagination. A trio of traditional Irish musicians led by Daren Banarsė will play a few sets of computer-generated "Celtic" tunes. Ensemble x.y will perform a work by Oded Ben-Tal, which is a 21st century homage to folk-song arrangements from composers such as Brahms, Britten and Berio. They will also perform a work by Bob L. Sturm created from material the computer program has self-titled "Chicken."

Our concert will provide an exciting glimpse into how new musical opportunities are enabled by partnerships: between musicians from different traditions; between scientists and artists; and last, but not least, between humans and computers.

Tuesday May 23rd, 7pm St Dunstan and All Saints Stepney

More information and tickets:

Dr. Oded Ben-Tal
Senior Lecturer, Music Technology
Kingston University