The annual Museums Computer Group Conference 'Museums+Tech 2017' will be held on Friday 3 November 2017 at the Imperial War Museums.  This year's theme: 'Tech in a divided world'.

This will be a great opportunity to catch up on the latest developments and activities in the sector, and network with colleagues - get the date in the diary and tell your work mates! The conference isn't just great for techy and digital folk to share practical skills and experience, it is also a great opportunity for colleagues working across the sector to get a taste of what's happening and start thinking about what might be possible in their institution.

As well as absorbing insights from peers, this is a chance to present what you've been working on and share insights and lessons learned. The call for papers for the conference is now open, and will close on Sunday 30 April 2017!

The 2017 conference is asking whether digital experiences, collections and exhibition can help create a shared understanding of the world. Can museums provide a shared space where those with a range of views recognise themselves, of where the impact of the 'filter bubble' may be reduced - and if so, can digital experiences have the same impact? Proposals for presentation should celebrate good work and share ideas for helping museums do better. We're open to suggestions, but topics might include:

*         How museums have focussed on inclusivity and diverse audiences in its digital offering

*         Behind-the-scenes technical work and organisational change to help reach polarised audiences

*         Tips on applying for funding and working within a limited budget

*         Using digital technologies to break down barriers of physical venues and exhibitions

*         Using digital technologies to connect visitors with each other

*         Reaching audiences that don't think of themselves as museum visitors

*         The list continues on our website...  (

*         A bonus themes this year: in 2017 Museums Computer Group celebrates its 35th anniversary, how different are museums in 2017 from museums in 1982 because of the technologies and practices developed?

The deadline for proposals is midnight on 30 April. Our international programme committee will review proposals in May and you should hear from us in June. We look forward to hearing everyone's great ideas.

Jess (MCG Secretary)

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