Dear All!

We will be running our monthly live Twitter Discussion, #DLNETChat
<> today, *Friday
7 April from 12.00pm until 1.00pm*.

This month we will be discussing *the importance of digital 'lo-tech' (such
as video, audio, etc.) against digital 'hi-tech' (such as apps, augmented
reality, internet of things etc.)* so whether you have a question or
concern, or a case-study or a project you want to highlight please join us
from 12.00pm today.

As usual, we are running a very quick and very unscientific poll to get
things started, have a look here:
<>* if the answer you
want isn't part of the poll, you can reply with an answer (don't forget the
#DLNETChat <>

Discussions might include:

   - *The cost of hi-tech solutions versus lo-tech*
   - *Whether some hi-tech solutions actually work, or are just a passing
   - *The importance of accessibility for the audience in using digital in
   a cultural setting*
   - *The requirements of funders for organisations to be digitally

*Don't forget that the @DCMS <> have launched the
#CultureisDigital <>
project this week:
<> - we'd also be happy to hear
your thoughts on that!*

We would love to hear from as many people as possible, but are keen to hear
from smaller museums and organisations who have had experience in this
field - as well as those who have less experience and might have questions!

And, as a disclaimer, we definitely can't promise to know all the answers
to all (or any) questions or problems, but we hope to harness the
collective power of Twitter to find some way through.

Remember to use the hashtag #DLNETChat
<> and to keep an eye on
the @DLNET <> Twitter account for more details...



*Stuart D. Berry*
*Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre Manager (
*Museums and Heritage Education Consultant**Digital Learning Network
Committee Member (**

07984 310395


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