Dear all

For those interested in 'linking the physical city to the social city’, we’d like to share a new paper:

Social Organisation and the City: 
the role of space in the reduction of social entropy.

It attempts to answer a sociological question: ‘How do we put our actions together in a way to create a society?’or in other words, ‘how can individual actions amount to something like a working, coherent system of actions?’ 
We propose that the city produces differences in the probability of connections between actions, becoming part of the way we coordinate seemingly chaotic decisions, and deal with entropy.

preprint SocArxiv:

It includes an agent-based model as a way of experimenting with a phenomenon (to borrow Andrew Sayer’s words) largely ‘beyond observation’.

We’d very much welcome critical comments on this one.

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Professor Adjunto | Tenured Professor
Escola de Arquitetura e Urbanismo | School of Architecture and Urbanism | EAU 
Universidade Federal Fluminense | UFF