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The hashtag for the upcoming Latin America and Caribbean Regional Consultation for OER in Sao Paulo, from April 3-4, 2017 is #RCOER


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Subject: [OER] [UPDATE] Brazilian Study on Open Innovation in Education


Hi everyone!   (sorry for any cross-posting) 


Next week, Brazil will host the Americas Regional Consultation to 2nd OER Congress (is there a hashtag? maybe #2ndOERcongres?) 


So, I'm pleased to announce we now have the English Version of our study about "open innovation in education: concepts and business models". And it will be launched during the event! 


The translation into English was made by the wonderful Nicole Allen :-)))  


See the direct link:




The study in PT was launched in november 2016 during a OGP-Brazil meeting, in São Paulo.  Please, see the press release in English attached. We have an website with all multimedia materials we've used for the study. 


Best wishes from Brazil