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Part of City | Space | Video Games: a series of talks exploring the relationship between video games, history, politics and art.

The role of music in video games

How have video games influenced popular music? Has music influenced video games?
From the extremely simple 8-bit beeps and boops of the early video games to the latest sophisticated soundtracks of the new generation consoles, music has proven itself to be wholly unique when it comes to gameplay. This talk will examine the importance of music and sound and how it affects the way we play video games.
Digital Curator Foteini Aravani will be joined by Dr Tim Summers of Royal Holloway University, gaming writer Jack Gosling, and game designer Jon Hare, of Sensible Software.

Come to this talk at the Museum of London on Monday 27th March at 7pm

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Foteini Aravani
Digital Curator
Museum of London
150 London Wall
London EC2Y 5HN
Tel: 020 7814 5719
Email: [log in to unmask]

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