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Dear colleagues,

I will be in Rome in early May, for both research and photography, and have run into some difficulties getting the permission that I need. It appears that I have to contact MiBAC, the Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo. Can anyone help?

1. Museo Nazionale dell'Alto Medioevo: I need research access to sixth-century material, two beads/spindle whorls from Nocera Umbra and a pendant from Castel Trosino. In 2008 I corresponded with the museum director about these objects, but she is no longer there, and email to her is apparently not forwarded to anyone. The only addresses I find now are at MiBAC: <[log in to unmask]> and <[log in to unmask]>. I have written to both addresses: in English on Feb. 15, in bad Italian on Feb. 28, and in good Italian (with help) on March 13. No one has responded. Is there an actual person to ask?

2. I need to photograph the Villa Torlonia Jewish catacomb. It is closed to the public, but material online suggests that it is possible to see by appointment. I have read that one needs to get permission from the Soprintendenza Speciale per il Colosseo e l’Area archeologica centrale di Roma. Their web site gives no information about this particular catacomb. The address given elsewhere is <[log in to unmask]>. Since I am still waiting for a response from them about the Museo dell'Alto Medioevo, there seems little point in writing to them about this. I am hoping to get the name and address of a real person.

Any advice will be welcome!
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