Dear colleagues,

I am looking for three PhD students in my junior research group "Medicalization and psychologization of social problems: challenges and opportunities for social policy (MEPYSO)" at the University of Siegen in Germany.
For further details, please consult the attached calls or contact me via email.

Best regards,

Nadine Reibling

Dr. Nadine Reibling
Universitšt Siegen
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2
57068 Siegen
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Selected Publications:

Reibling, N., Beckfield, J., Huijts, T., Schmidt-Catran, A., Thomson, K. & C. Wendt (2017): Depressed During the Depression: Has the Economic Crisis Affected Mental Health Inequalities in Europe? Findings From the European Social Survey (2014) Special Module on the Determinants of Health. European Journal of Public Health 27(suppl_1): 47-54.

Reibling, N. (2016): The Patient-Centered Medical Home: How Is It Related to Quality and Equity Among the General Adult Population? Medical Care Research and Review 73(5): 606-623.

Reibling, N. and M. Rosenthal (2016): The (Missed) Potential of the Patient-centered Medical Home for Disparities. Medical Care 54(1): 9-16.

Reibling, N. (2013): The International Performance of Healthcare Systems in Population Health: Capabilities of Pooled Cross-Sectional Time Series Methods. Health Policy 112(1): 122-132.+

Reibling N. and C. Wendt (2012): Gatekeeping and Provider Choice in OECD Healthcare Systems. Current Sociology 60(4): 489-505.

Reibling N. (2010): Healthcare Systems in Europe: Towards an Incorporation of Patient Access. Journal of European Social Policy 10(1): 5-18 (ESPAnet/JESP Doctoral Researcher Prize Essay).