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The Intelligent Systems Engineering department in the School of Informatics and Computing is partnering with the IU Imaging Research Facility to host Brainhack Global Bloomington March 2-4 at the Cyberinfrastructure Building at IU Bloomington.
Brainhack Global is a conference that brings together researchers from around the world and a variety of disciplines to work together on innovative projects related to neuroscience. The events invite researchers to participate in open collaboration. This year, 40 sites in 16 countries are hosting local events during the conference.
Participants at the IU Bloomington gathering will code in groups on topics including brain-computer interfaces, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), PET (positron emission therapy), EEG (electroencephalogram) and MEG (Magnetoencephalography), network science, machine learning, and statistical analysis.
Ignite speakers include: IU’s Olaf Sporns (Computational Challenges and Opportunities in Network Neuroscience), Matthew Glasser (The Human Connectome Project’s Multi-modal Cortical Parcellation), Hamza Farooq (Microstructure Imaging of Complex White Matter Architecture from Diffusion MRI), Kendrick Kay (Software tools motivated by analysis of fMRI data), and Andy Saykin (Searching for multiple needles in multiple haystacks: Multimodality imaging and –omics studies of Alzheimer’s disease).
The event is open to any college-age student or faculty who is interested.
The event is coordinated by Assistant Professor of ISE Eleftherios Garyfallidis, Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences Sharlene Newman, Assistant Professor of Statistics Amanda Meija, and Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences Franco Pestilli.
“This is the first time that Brainhack Global has taken place in Bloomington, and we are excited and honored that IU Bloomington is one of the hosting sites,” Garyfallidis says. “Brainhack Global is such a unique event because it provides researchers from around the globe the opportunity to actively and collectively participate in critical areas of study. The ideas and collaborative work that can spring from the event will lead to the next wave of breakthroughs in neuroscience.”
Visit the Brainhack Global Bloomington site to register and for updates regarding speakers and projects.
We also have travel awards to help defray hotel costs for graduate students and postdocs.  If you are interested in obtaining this support please contact Dr. Garfallidis at [log in to unmask]
We look forward to seeing you in March.