Dear SPM experts,


In my design, I had two conditions (adoption of a field/observer perspective) that have been mixed with experimental blocks (i.e. participants stayed in the MRI but we had a short break in the middle of the experiment).

Thus, in one block they adopted one perspective, and in the other they adopted the other perspective (order was counterbalanced).


I am interested in how the condition influences the correlates associated with a continuous regressor, and wonder what I can and what I cannot analyse given the design I used to collect my data.

- I can look at the brain correlates of this regressor separately in each block (regressor)

- I can compare within each block negative and neutral trials separately for each condition (contrasts: negative > neutral or neutral > negative)


However, can I

- Compare together the regressors across the two blocks? And why?

- Compare together the results of the contrasts across the two blocks? And why?


Kind Regards,

Maxime Résibois

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Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences
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