SHORT COURSE: Introduction to Bayesian statistics using BUGS


Thu 30th March 2017 - Fri 31st March 2017 (2 days) MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge, UK


Course instructors: Dr Robert Goudie, Dr Anne Presanis, and Dr Dan Jackson (MRC Biostatistics Unit)


Target audience:

* Statisticians working in any application area, with familiarity of classical methods such as generalised linear and random-effects modelling.


* No experience of Bayesian methods or specialist software will be assumed.


Course aims:

* This course is intended to provide an introduction to Bayesian analysis and MCMC methods, and a fairly detailed tutorial on the use of OpenBUGS/JAGS/WinBUGS.


* Day 1 - Introduction to the use of Monte Carlo methods, Bayesian methods, Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), regression models, and implementation in OpenBUGS/WinBUGS or JAGS/OpenBUGS/WinBUGS via R.


* Day 2 - Generalised linear models, predictions, missing data, model criticism, model comparison and assessing sensitivity to prior distributions, introduction to hierarchical models.


* The emphasis throughout will be on practical examples: software and code to carry out all the analyses will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops for the practicals.


Course fees include a copy of The BUGS Book (Lunn et al., 2013).


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