CfP for PSI'17 from Dines Bjorner - see attachment.

Prof. Jonathan Bowen FBCS FRSA
Emeritus Professor of Computing, London South Bank University
Chairman, Museophile Limited
See The Turing Guide, Oxford University Press, 2017

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Date: 13 January 2017 at 08:50
Subject: Fwd: PSI'17. Call for Papers
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​Dear Jonathan,

Thanks for previous posting.

Can you also see to it that the
enclosed is also posted ?




Dines Bjørner,  PhD, Dr.h.c., Prof. Emeritus, 
DTU Compute, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Techn.Univ.of Denmark, DK-2800 Kgs.Lyngby, Denmark 
MAE, MRANS, ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow