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We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of Girlhood Studies has been published by Berghahn Journals. Titled "Ethical Practice and the Study of Girlhood,” this special issue is concerned with ethics in fieldwork with girls and young women. This collection of articles addresses the many conversations that need to be expanded but also acknowledges the difficult work that has already been undertaken in this field.

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Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3

SPECIAL ISSUE: Ethical Practice and the Study of Girlhood
Edited by April Mandrona
On the Politics of Studying Ethics and Girlhood, Claudia Mitchell

Ethical Practice and the Study of Girlhood, April Mandrona
Sharing Images, Spoiling Meanings? Class, Gender, and Ethics in Visual Research with Girls, Janet Fink and Helen Lomax

Girlhood and Ethics: The Role of Bodily Integrity, Mar Cabezas and Gottfried Schweiger

Narratives of Ambivalence: The Ethics of Vulnerability and Agency in Research with Girls in the Sex Trade, Alexandra Ricard-Guay and Myriam Denov
"Can You Really See What We Write Online?" Ethics and Privacy in Digital Research with Girls, Ronda Zelezny-Green

The Ethics of Representing Girls in Digital Policy Spaces, Emily Anderson

Making It Up: Intergenerational Activism and the Ethics of Empowering Girls, Emily Bent
An Ethical Approach to Encountering Nineteenth Century Girls, Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

Bodily Self-making in Girlhood, Veronika Novoselova

Exploring Collective Biography as a Feminist Method, Dayna Prest

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