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This year MMU CELT and LondonMET CPED are co-facilitating two runs of the free, open, online course: #creativeHE as part of our involvement in the yearlong Creative Pedagogies project:

The first run of #creativeHE will be offered from the 16th to the 20th of January 2017

#creativeHE is open to all HE staff; but we would love the participation of the community of practice that is LDHEN as a way of reinvigorating our practice - and the seeding ideas that we take to our discussions with disciplinary staff. See:


The programme is both practical and theoretical, covering:

Day 1: Introduction to creativity in HE, enablers and barriers, theory and practice
Day 2: Learning through play and making
Day 3: Using story for learning and teaching
Day 4 : Learning through making
Day 5: Sharing learning and next steps.


Each day there are the options of videos to watch and readings to access... BUT importantly it is about developing engaging and successful practice through creativity.


More on #ceativeHE 16-20 January 2017:

This unit provides participants with a flexible, practice-based approach to teaching practice enhancement. A special version of FLEX with a focus on creativity will be offered by MMU CELT in collaboration with London Metropolitan University CPED during 2016/17.


Colleagues from both institutions and elsewhere will have the opportunity to learn and develop together within a diverse and distributed community of higher education practitioners who are involved in teaching, supporting learning or development of others with an interest in creative teaching and learning, who would like to explore innovative learning and teaching.

Within this unit, enablers and barriers to creativity in higher education will be explored together with related pedagogical theory and literature. Participants will experience learning through play, games, models and stories and actively experiment with such approaches. This will help participants to further develop their understanding, knowledge, skills and practices in these areas and become more adventurous in their teaching.

Participants will be able to critically reflect on their practice and identify opportunities to design, implement and evaluate an imaginative and creative innovation that fosters curiosity, maximises motivation and meaningful active engagement and discovery learning. The teacher is challenged to be creative in order for creativity to be developed in the students.

The unit is available for free to all practitioners who would like to participate informally in the open online version of this course. You can join the #creativeHE community at


If you work in another institution and are interested in studying towards academic credits FLEX15/30 [Creativity for Learning], please get in touch with MMU CELT as there is a cost for this.


We wish you all an exciting Christmas and a creative New Year! 

Chrissi (Nerantzi) CELT, MMU and Sandra (Sinfield), LMU


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