Dear Dilly,


30 portfolio-based case studies were shared at this year’s PebbleBash. The case study papers along with some recorded presentations are available here


If any of these great examples of practice look suitable for inclusion in your book I’m sure we will be able to connect you with the relevant authors


kind regards



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Subject: Programme-level portfolios - might you have a short case study of practice for a book?


Dear Colleagues


I’m just completing a book on Connected Curriculum, in which I write about the potential benefits of final programme-level portfolios in which students select from and curate their best work and present it (as if) to an external audience. 


Included in the design of this Showcase Portfolio is a succinct analytic commentary on connections between the work; the commentary also briefly summarises the students' skills and experiences gained during their studies.


This is a ‘what i would probably do if I were running a degree now’ idea. But do any of you actually do it, or a close variation on the theme? 


If you do, would you be wiling to email me? I’d love to include just one or two short ‘case study’ vignettes of practice (around 200 words) on this theme in the book - for which the person submitting it would be given due credit, of course.


The only problem is I would need the vignette by Christmas… 


If you think you could help, could you email me before writing anything, just in case I get lots of offers? :-)


By the way, the book will be open access, published by UCL Press, so available to you all freely next year.


Many thanks





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