Roll up your sleeves, explore, & meet others curious/interested in ways to understand ourselves & our environment at 'Science has no Borders: Unwrapped!'

We will start the evening with a series of short inspiring talks and brief introduction to our project and members of the community. We will then open the evening so you can roll-up your sleeves and join several hands-on 'workstations' in our interactive exhibition Touch|Play|Learn showcasing activities that we have ongoing including:

- The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science workstation with DIY kits for environmental monitoring (e.g DIY aerial mapping, spectrometry, near infrared photography)
- The 'Do It Together science' workstation with kits from our project partners incl. the Waag Society, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI), MediaLab Prado, and BIOSCOPE (e.g. DIY PCR machine, DIYBio starter kits, etc.)
- Sensory experience workstation hosted by researchers at Royal College of Art
- The Ignite Futures! workstation to touch, play, and learn with their science busting trunk!
- …or try our sandboxes: Arduino & BBC micro:bit kits and Squishy Circuits playground and much more!

This event is aimed at inspiring ideas and getting interests connected. We want to know what science questions, topics, or community issues you would be like to explore or work towards addressing. Your topics will form a part of our discussion table - they will be explored, linked to other efforts, and will help spawn new events. 

Doors open 18:30
Children aged 0-100+ welcome!

What: Unwrapping Science has no Borders! 2 short inspirational presentations, hands-on DIY science workstations, food, tea/coffee, and biscuits [food allergies? let us know in advance!]

Where: University College London, Chadwick Building - G04 - [map] enter UCL via Gower St, turn right and follow the ShnB (Science has no Borders) signs

When: Monday, Sept 26th, 2016 18:30

Why: Because we love to explore and learn!

Spread the word!

There will be event signage directing you to the room.

This event is part of the project Do-It-Together science | | @togethersci