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Norbury, St Mary & St Barlock, east window, 6b-9b:
and detail: 

Bourges Cathedral, Bay 16, Legend of St Thomas window - a set of images:

Bourges Cathedral, Bay 206, St Thomas on right:

Oxford, Merton College Chapel, sIV, 3b:

York, All Saints, North Street, nV, 1a-2a:
and detail:

York, All Saints Pavement, wI, 2b:

York Minster, wI, 5a-7a, St Bartholomew(?) and St Thomas on left:

Fairford, St Mary, nVIII, B4:

Icklingham, All Saints, Suffolk, sII, 2b:

Normanton, All Saints, West Yorkshire, east window, 3c, Thomas receiving Virgin's girdle:

Withcote, Withcote Chapel, Leicestershire, nIV, 3c:

North Moreton, All Saints, Oxfordshire, sII, 3e, Thomas receiving girdle of 
Mary at Assumption:

York, St Denys, nIII, 2a-3a:
and detail:

Yarnton, St Bartholomew, Oxfordshire, east window, 2b:

Yarnton, St Bartholomew, Oxfordshire, nVI, 2c:

Melbury Bubb, St Mary, Dorset, wI, B2, St Thomas with James Minor:

Gloucester Cathedral, east window, 4e, Thomas on left:

Chartres St Père, Bay 219, Thomas lower left:

Gordon Plumb

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