to the WebPA activity members! Here is an information for those person who 
is interesting to visit Moscow this summer!

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia would like to organise 
the WebPA  workshop in the framework of the congress named "Science and 
Engineering Education 2016", see details here:

Welcome, please!

I have asked Peter Willmot to support it, so you could read the our 
conversation below.

Elena Smirnova,
scientific secretary, SEE-2016
BMSTU, Russia
Email: [log in to unmask]
Tel. +7(985)2043153 (mob), +7(499)2611721 (office)

Пятница, 29 апреля 2016, 11:54 +03:00 от Peter Willmot 
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Hi Elena

I am delighted that you have been advancing the cause of WebPA. Having been 
involved in the development of the tool over many years in the past, I have 
rather withdrawn from such activities more recently and allowed others to 
take this forward. Being out of date with developments, and totally ignorant 
of the technical programming aspects, I do not feel well placed to take a 
leading part in your proposed workshop.

I recommend that you should write to the webPA forum  [log in to unmask] 
to tell the user group about your activities and ask for the help/person you 
need to actively participate.  The most knowledgeable person I know in this 
respect is Paul Newman – who is the man who actually wrote all the original 
code – he is a senior IT technician at Loughborough. He can also tell you 
how to link with Moodle etc. Another person who has loads of knowledge is 
Steven Vickers – who does not work at Loughborough. Note that neither of 
these people are academic users.

I would be pleased to write a few words in my capacity as the originator of 
the system if that would help – what sort of thing do you have in mind?

I hope you are well and prosperous.






From: Elena Smirnova [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: 28 April 2016 16:47
To: Peter Willmot; Marina Palchikovskaya
Subject: SEE Congress in Moscow


Dear Peter,

The organising commission of the SEE Congress need Your help, advice again.

First, hope, you will agree if we included You in a list of congress 
honorable program committee members.

Second  depends to WebPA activity in BMSTU. My former student and now my 
collegue (teacher and student's team leader) as well as my students (in 
team) made russsian vertion of the WebPa. You could see our site with 
english version here and russian version here:  There is an article about WebPA also here:
In our plans to create the API and to integrate Moodle with WebPA.

So we could talk about the tool at the conference.

  So we want organise special event - round-table, master-class, 
web-conference with your participation virtuallly - any, who knows, may be 
we collect scientists for session  concerned to WebPA and  invite people to 
the SEE-2016 congress. We hope on Your support.  Could You please write few 
words in support? It would be grate, because the Congress promises to have 
big number of russian universities.

  Awaiting for Your kind answer,

With best regards,

Elena Smirnova,
scientific secretary, SEE-2016
BMSTU, Russia
Email: [log in to unmask]
Tel. +7(985)2043153 (mob), +7(499)2611721 (office)