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On Friday, Ofcom published its summary report from the 11th wave (2015) of qualitative research into Media Lives:


Conducted by The Knowledge Agency, the project was begun in 2005 to provide a small-scale, rich and detailed qualitative complement to Ofcom's quantitative surveys of media literacy.


The Media Lives project follows the same individuals over time, and interviews them on camera each year about their media habits and attitudes. The interviews provide evidence about the motivations and the context of media use, and how media is part of daily life and domestic circumstances. The project also provides us with rich detail of how media habits and attitudes change over time, in particular linked to life stage.


The summary report provides detailed insights on a range of topics, including the impact of streaming services on family life; segmented approaches to social media profiles; the importance of and related dependence on mobile phones; confusion over mobile data allowance and usage; concerns over lack of privacy online; increased interest in news via social media; attitudes towards both TV and online advertising; parental concern of children’s behaviour online; and anti-social media usage.


The report is available with all of our other Media Literacy publications on the Ofcom website at


We are very keen for academics to utilise our datasets where practicable – if you are interested in using this video dataset to examine topics such as media in daily life over time, then please get in touch.


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