Monday 8th February 2016 7:15 for 7:45

The Statistical Laboratory,
Centre for Mathematical Sciences,
Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, CB3 0WB

My Fisher: Memories of R.A.Fisher by his last student

Anthony Edwards
Gonville & Caius,
University of Cambridge

Abstract: R.A.Fisher (1890-1962) retired from the Arthur Balfour Professorship of Genetics in the University of Cambridge in September 1957. In his last year he only admitted a single student to the one-year course in the Department of Genetics: A.W.F.Edwards. Professor Edwards will recall the events of that year, how and why he was attracted to the possibility of studying under Fisher, and the contact he subsequently had with him. He will also outline the influence of Fisher’s work on his own interests, particularly in connection with statistical inference and evolutionary theory.

Speaker: Anthony retired as Professor of Biometry in 2003. His interest in Ars conjectandi stems from his writing of Pascal’s Arithmetical Triangle in 1979-81. A geneticist who was the last undergraduate taught by R.A.Fisher, he worked with L.L.Cavalli-Sforza in Italy for three years, establishing the field of the statistical estimation of evolutionary trees. Three years as a Senior Lecturer in D.J.Finney’s Department of Statistics in Aberdeen were followed by a Bye-Fellowship of Gonville and Caius College devoted to the writing of Likelihood (1972). From 1970 he held appointments in the Postgraduate Medical School and its successor, the Clinical School, becoming Reader in 1978 and Professor in 2000. Foundations of Mathematical Genetics appeared in 1977 and Cogwheels of the Mind, The Story of Venn Diagrams in 2004. Other books include Annotated Readings in the History of Statistics (2001) with H.A.David.

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