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Many apologies for clogging up your inboxes but I'm afraid there was an error in the initial message- Professor Tom McLeish will be speaking on the 18th of May NOT the 16th of March. See below for updated list. 

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Coreen McGuire. 

27th JANUARY 201

Dr Jonathan Birch (London School of Economics):

‘Shared Know-How’

10th FEBRUARY 2016

Dr Katie Steele (London School of Economics):

“‘Use-Novelty” and Evidential Support: Reflecting on Intuitions’ 

17th FEBRUARY 2016

Dr David Sepkoski (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science):

‘The Database before the Computer?’

24th FEBRUARY 2016

Professor Michela Massimi  (University of Edinburgh ):

‘Four kinds of perspectival truth’

9th MARCH 2016

Dr William MacLehose (UCL):

‘Captivating Thoughts: Exploring mind and body in medieval discussions of sleep'

20th APRIL 2016

Professor Mark Jackson (University of Exeter):

‘Stress and the midlife crisis

4th MAY 2016

Dr Helen Anne Curry (University of Cambridge):

‘Contested collections: conservation biology, global development, the and preservation of genetic diversity in agricultural plants, 1950-1975

18th MAY 2016

Professor Tom McLeish (Durham University):

‘Medieval Lessons for the contemporary science and religion debate.’