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On Friday, January 22, 2016, at 3:07 AM, I wrote:
"t) as depicted (second from right, lower register, in the panel at lower left; martyrdom) in an earlier fourteenth-century pictorial menologion from Thessaloniki (betw. 1322 and 1340; Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Gr. th. f. 1, fol. 24v):  "

Er, "Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Gr. th. f. 1, fol. 16v".  Apologies for the slip.

By way of penance, a few further images of St. Vincent of Zaragoza:

1) as depicted (two scenes) in an eleventh-century troper from Autun (Paris, BnF, ms. Arsenal, 1169):
a) Martyrdom on a cross-shaped _eculeus_ (fol. 14v, bas-de-page):
b) Martyrdom by fire (fol. 15r):

2) as depicted (beaten with clubs) in an earlier fourteenth-century French-language legendary of Parisian origin with illuminations attributed to the Fauvel Master (ca. 1327; Paris, BnF, ms. Franšais 183, fol. 215v):

3) as depicted (four scenes) in an earlier fourteenth-century copy of books 9-16 of Vincent of Beauvais' _Speculum historiale_ in its French-language version by Jean de Vignay (ca. 1335; Paris, BnF, ms. Arsenal 5080):
a) With St. Valerius of Zaragoza before Datianus / Dacianus (fol. 263r):
b) Martyrdom on a cross-shaped _eculeus_ (fol. 263v):
c) Martyrdom by fire (fol. 264r):
d) Datianus / Dacianus orders the disposal of V.'s body; ravens protect it from a wolf (fol. 264v):

4) as depicted in the very late fourteenth- or earlier fifteenth-century Breviary of Martin of Aragon (Paris, BnF, ms. Rothschild 2529, fol. 306v):

5) as depicted by Frei Carlos (attrib.) in an earlier sixteenth-century panel painting (ca. 1520-1530) in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:

Best again,
John Dillon
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