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There has been discussion over on MEDTEXTL about the ORB website for medieval studies, which seemingly disappeared after the death of its administrator, Prof. Kathryn Talarico. With his permission, I'm x-posting a sort of summary of the discussion from Laurent Brun, which details how the archived site can be accessed, and raises the question of how important medieval websites, content-rich but often quite vulnerable, can be given a more secure future. As we've discussed ORB on this list before, I thought this would be of broad interest. -- Paul

On 3 January 2016 at 03:15, Laurent Brun <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

As Claire Fanger pointed out, The ORB is not gone (yet). A technical
glitch has cut the domain name ( from the server at the
College of Staten Island, but the files haven't moved:

The domain name will become available again on August 9th,
unless someone can speed things up and manages to get in touch with
Kathryn Talarico's heirs and transfer the domain ownership before it
gets snatched by someone not interested in continuing Kathryn's work.

In the meantime, I have set up a complete mirror at in case CSI decides to erase the original
website. It is available "as is" -- no corrections or additions will
be made.

Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is a useful tool but it has its
shortcomings, the most serious being that it usually doesn't record
the whole website at any given date, so using it to piece together a
website's hundreds or thousands of files isn't a solution for the
faint of heart...

I second wholeheartedly Julia Bolton Holloway's plea: "We really need
a large mirror site of all useful medievalist websites to protect our
material." I have myself yet to find a permanent repository to mirror suggestions are very much welcome.


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