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Some images of St John the Evangelist images in glass:

Tours Cathedral, Bay 3, St John the Evangelist window:
and details:

Bourges, Cathédrale Saint Étienne, Bay 204, right-hand figure:

Bourges, Cathédrale Saint Étienne, Bay 6, John on breast of Christ at
Last Supper, c.1210-15:
Easby, St Agatha, North Yorkshire, east window, 4c, late q12thC.:
and detail:

Lincoln Cathedral, sII, 3c, St John preaching:

Twycross, St James, Leicestershire, east window, c. 1245:
and detail:

Twycross, St James, east window, detail of St John in panel of Descent
from the Cross, c,1245:
whole panel can be seen here:

Croxton, St john, Lincolnshire, sIV, 2b, detail of St John from

Gloucester Cathedral, east window, right-hand figure:

Oxford, Merton College Chapel, east window, c.1390-1400:

London, Victoria & Albert Museum, ex Winchester College Chapel, c.1393,
left-hand figure:

Morley, St Matthew, Derbyshire, sIII, iv, 1b, figure lower right:

Norbury, St Mary & St Barlok, Derbyshire, east window, 10b-13b:
and detail:

York Minster, sXXXVI, 1c-2c:

York Minster, wI, 5c-7c:
and detail:

Stanford-on-Avon, St Nicholas, Northamptonshire, nIV, A4:

Stanford-on-Avon, St Nicholas, sVI, A3, evangelist symbol of John:

Stanford-on-Avon, nIV, 2c:

Launde Priory, Leicestershire, sIV, A5:

Tattershall, Holy Trinity, Lincolnshire, east window, 2c:

York Minster, sIII, 2c-3c:
and detail:

Corby Glen, St john the Evangelist, Lincolnshire, nVII, 1a:

Fairford, St Mary, Gloucestershire, sVIII, B4:

St Winnow, St Winnow, Cornwall, east window:

Winchester, Hospital of St Cross and St Faith, Hampshire, east wall:

Wells Cathedral, sVII, 2b-4b, John causes image of Diana to fall;
2c-4c, John turnbs sticks into gold and pebbles into jewels for 2
disciples of Craton, c.1510-30 from Rouen:
Wells Cathedral, sVI, 2c-3c, Aristodemus tests poison on 2 condemned
men (who are then raised by John), c.1510-30 from Rouen:

Oxford, Balliol College Chapel, nV, 2c:

Croughton, All Saints, Northamptonshire, wall painting detail of
entombment showing head of John on right:

Croughton, All Saints, wall painting of Last Supper, detail of John on
breast of Jesus:

Orchardleigh, St Mary, Somerset, sII, 1a:

Langport, All Saints, Somerset, east window, C4:

Long Melford, Holy Trinity, Suffolk, nXXI, 5a:

Long Melford, Holy Trinity, nXV, A4:

Madley, Nativity of the BVM, Herefordshire, east window, 4a, John
challenged to drink poison by Aristodemus:

Madley, Nativity of the BVM, east window, 5a, John raises Drusiana:

Shrewsbury, St Mary, Shropshire, Trinity Chapel, figure from

Gordon Plumb

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