Susan asks: “All this trash makes me wonder — in our mad dash into the digital world, what happens to our nondigital history?” I worry more about our digital history. I have almost no photos of my kids in their teenage years. Being an early adopter, I took all my photos at 640 x 480 on the first Olympus digital camera, saved the digital photos on a CD that I cannot find and even if I could, I wouldn't be able to play it on my current computers. The few printouts I did have are all fading to nothingness, like this one of my daughter, about the only photo I have of her from this era.

Dallas, Tx
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"The problems of our economy have occurred not as an outgrowth of laissez-faire, unbridled competition. 
They have occurred under the guidance of federal agencies, and under the umbrella of federal regulations."
Senator Ted Kennedy, in defending trucking deregulation in 1978.
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