We can thoughtfully and sensibly discuss your "moat idea". If you promise to be civil and respectful. I will proceed with that assumption. And to keep the discussion focused and to the points made (and not deflections and misdirections and more personal attacks), I will enumerate my points of argument.

1) Why purposely impede the free flow of water in a man-made moat? 

2) Clay deposits are typically alluvial. Where did the clay come from if a natural spring nearby was supplying water to the Moat?

3) What is the purpose for the segmented construction of the Ditch? 

That is enough for now. More to come if we can constructively engage on these.

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>     Orion wrote:
>     This reminds us that there are TWO kinds of
members on the list.
>     Those who read and those who don't and those who
can't count.

Ho, ho. It has also been said that there are two kinds of
people: those who
divide people into two kinds and those who don't...

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