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The ruin near Rhosyfelin could have been used for a similar purpose.
With water flowing through it over a "washing floor" and the two
fireplaces used for drying the linen. Or, a wheel and pin was used to
drive machinery that substituted for my mother's paddle pounding of
the linen. A prototype of a "washing machine"! And as you say, such
machinery could have subsequently been removed and used elsewhere. As
the water level of the river declined to make the original design

Perhaps this might have been the use of the 'cottage', but it would
have required the management of the watercourse to obtain the
necessary flow. Most watermills require similar management.

However when the 'mill' goes out of the use the management of the
water course tends to revert to its natural state.

As I said before the state of the watercourse now, would be the state
of the watercourse before management.

If the quarry isn't in flood now it is unlikely that it was in flood
in the Neolithic/Bronze Age.