Hello everyone,

I apologize my question is not related to SPM. I wanted to convert my DCE MRI data, (which has dimensions 160x160 as X and Y and 50 as Z dimensions (number of slices)) to T1-maps. And this data is collected for quick 180 times frames (t) i.e. XYZt is (160x160x50)x180 (TR = 3.1406 ms and FA 10 degrees).

I tried using two toolboxes.

- I have following difficulty in using ROCKETSHIP:DCE:

When I try to run 1st step, which is Run A, I get message on MATLAB:

User selected Run A

LUT = 1 2 3 ... 180.

But on GUI, it displays "UNKNOWN FILE TYPE- DYNAMIC".

- On the other hand, if I try to use TOPPCAT, looks like it works without error but when I check the output, somehow it displays blank T1- and S0- images as output images.

I would really appreciate if anyone could please help me in figuring out any of the above issues or could refer any other toolbox ?

Thank you so much.