Hi David,

This should be easy. Please could you clarify the file format of Brainvoyager ROIs? Are they nifti images?





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Subject: [SPM] DCM on anatomical ROIs (from Brain Voyager)


Hi all,


I am attempting to carry out DCM on data from anatomical ROIs created in Brainvoyager (used in a previous analysis). I am new to SPM and I am unsure of what the best way to import the ROI positions or time-course would be. 


One thing that I have tried is to replace the data in the Y and xY variables from a sphere-ROI, created in SPM, with the mean voxel time course from the anatomical ROIs defined in Brainvoyager. While this "works" I am realise that it is not the same as using the first eigenvariate. Will this matter? Are there other problems with this method that make it unsuitable?


FInally, is there a good way to do this?


Thanks for any help,