Dear SPMers,

I want to spatially normalize my fMRI data into MNI space via
transformation matrix derived from segmentation of structural MRI data. For
each participant, I coregistered the structrual MRI image to the mean
realigned functional image (SPM 8), segmented the structural MRI (VBM 8),
and wrote the resultant transformation matrix to the realigned functional
MRI images (SPM 8).

However, it seems that the SPM 8/Normalize/Write module does not work during
the last step. I checked the errors and found that the transformation
matrix from VBM 8 did not contain the field/variable *VG *that is needed
for SPM 8 to perform the write function.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.


Jinhui WANG,  Ph.D., Investigator

Center for Cognition and Brain Disorders (CCBD)
Hangzhou Normal University

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