Dear Friends,

             Technology in Teaching and Learning of English as a second language is gaining prominence in the present era of Information and Communication Technology. Keeping this in view, a website  has been developed as a part of a Ph.D. Programme undertaken by Mrs. L.Kousalya, a research scholar  being guided and supervised by me with a view to test the effectiveness of different Web Based Instructional Strategies viz. Online Tutorial, Online Tutorial Supported with Remedial Teaching and Online Tutorial Supplemented with Online Counseling in  learing a few Structural Words in English among international learners. The website serves as a platform to help the learners of English as a second language by incorporating multimedia features such as audio, video and pictures. It is to note that the three different Web Based Instructional Strategies given  in the website could cater to the needs of learners with different learning styles and learning pace.

          May I humbly request all our friends in the Forum to kindly bring it to the notice of those who are interested in learning Structural Words in English so that their participation in the experiment will help us in completing study in hand.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Prof. of Education (Retd.)