Hello all,I am doing the preprocessing of T1 images in VBM in SPM12 which needs three jobs to be done in batch window (according to the manual for SPM12 on page 451). They work fine when I do them separately but when I try to do them together in batch window, it stops working after the 2nd job (Run Dartel (Create Template)).  In the 3rd job (Normalise to MNI space), I chose the option->dependency, then Template (Iteration 6) and then for second option of Flow Fields in "Select according to",I don't see any files named "u_rc1*.nii" to choose for the Flow Fields option (which I see when I do the jobs separately). What I see for that option is "Run Dartel (create Templates): Flow Fields).I have attached the screenshots of the error message and the matlab window as well.  I can run all the functions separately but that takes a lot of time and if someone knows how to fix this, it would be really helpful.

Kulpreet Cheema

BSc. Psychology (Science)

University of Alberta,