LLN, le 16/06/15

Dear all,

I am experiencing the following issue with SPM8 and SPM12 on a Linux station running under 
RedHat Enterprise 6.2 and Matlab 2015a. Typically, SPM (8 and 12) would start and work 
correctly for a while (say, 5 to 10 minutes). Then, without any warning, and whatever the 
process I am trying to use (e.g., display, slice timing, realignment, etc.), I am no 
longer able to click on the submenus from the GUI window (e.g., I cannot edit the values 
or assign data) and all I can do is to click the "close" button of the window. Then I have 
to restart SPM, and sometimes Matlab, for SPM to work correctly again. This happens both 
when I start Matlab with the workspace or using the ľnodesktop start option.

I cannot manage to figure out if the issue arises because of my Linux OS, Matlab, SPM, or 
a funny combination of them. Any idea is welcome!

Thanks in advance,



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