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Please see Yakushev I et al. Neuroimage 2009 for a detailed description of the process - as well as a better normalisation method than cerebellum :-).

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hi everybody

I am an absolute beginner with SPM
I am trying to analyse FDG-PET brain images in patients with dementia using SPM8
I need to normalize scans intensity to the cerebellum, whose mean count values I have extracted with Marsbar
how should I do that exactly..?
my guess is I should use the 'user' option in Global calculation and input individual cerebellar means, and then select 'proportional scaling' in Global normalisation, but am I correct? or am I normalizing twice (i.e. to the cerebellum and to mean voxel value of the entire brain) if I select 'proportional scaling'? but if I choose 'none' in Global normalisation, then what does SPM do with the cerebellar values inputted in the user's vector..?
hope that's clear enough

many thanks