Dear Rebecca,

I don't know what the problem with marsbar is but if you just need to
access the raw data within a cluster, you can do that directly with the
latest version of SPM12 by moving the red cursor to the cluster of
interest and choose Extract data > raw y > This Cluster from the context
menu. The data will be available from the MATLAB workspace in a variable
called 'y'.

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On 20/06/15 14:09, Rebecca Leigh wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have been conducting VBM analysis and now want to extract the gray matter data from the significant clusters in my results.
> I have tried to use marsbar, but have found that it will not open (I believe that this may be due to me using SPM 12).
> I am assuming that there must be a way within SPM, but I am new to the package and don't seem to be able to find it. Similarly, I am unfamiliar with MATLAB.
> Any suggestions/solutions will be greatly appreciated.
> Rebecca

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