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yes, this is mentioned in the SPM12 release notes (section 2.1):

> The slice timing correction implementation was extended by adding
> the option to use slice acquisition times instead of slice orders and
> a reference time instead of a reference slice. In particular, this 
> allows to handle datasets acquired using multi-band sequences. This 
> work has been contributed by A. Hoffmann, M. Woletz and C. 
> Windischberger from Medical University of Vienna, Austria [1].

> [1] M. Woletz, A. Hoffmann, S. Ganger, K. Paul, R. Seiger, D.M.
> Pfabigan, A. Hahn, R. Sladky, C. Lamm, R. Lanzenberger, and C.
> Windischberger. Slice-timing correction for multi-band images in SPM.
> In 20th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping,
> 2014.

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On 22/06/15 16:24, Rajat Thomas wrote:
> Dear SPMers,
> Has the Multiband slicetime correction been implemented already on SPM12?
> If so, what is the format of the input of the slices?
> Thanks.
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