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On May 18, 2015 at 11:08:15 , ashok mistry ([log in to unmask]) wrote:
It would be interesting to know what curators think of a residue. 
I like the imagery of a “residue” because it sticks to different surfaces, has different properties at different locations, and also dissolves in different ways. 

I currently have a student who applies the same artistic idea to different “surfaces” (The work consists of using realtime data of air pollution in Beijin, to distort images of an ancient Chinese painting of rivers and landscapes).

The “residue” appears as a realtime application on the internet, as an application on the computer, and on numerous screens or on paper printouts (the latter will probably last longer than anything else, if he doesn’t throw them away). Then I’ll present it on a 360º projection screen during a show in December that I curate. There are also other versions in the planning, such as a smartphone app.

In all instances the work had to be modified, sometimes slightly (as in terms of screen resolution), sometimes more (realtime or not). It is still the same work, leaving remainders everywhere.

This approach has also an impact of the documentation. With that many iterations of the same artistic idea it will be easier to document the work for future generations, or find current technologies that keep the work alive.

All the best, Hans