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Volume 56, Number 2 / 2015 of Modern Believing is now available on the liverpool.metapress.com website at http://liverpool.metapress.com/content/g6r7086h1765/.


Modern Believing is the journal of Modern Church. It is the journal of Theological Liberalism. It publishes articles in Modern Theology, Practical Theology, Theological Ethics, and in any academic area which promotes Liberalism in Theology and Church. You can keep up to date with the journal by clicking here to sign up to new issue alerts, and can learn more about the title at its website page here.


This issue contains:


Editorial Introduction

p. v

Paul Badham

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.9


A Jewish View of Assisted Dying

p. 103

Jonathan Romain

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.10


Reassessing Assisted Dying: A Personal Statement

p. 113

George Carey

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.11


Hans K√ľng's Theses on Dignified Dying

p. 121

Rosie Harper

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.12


The Dilemmas We Face Today: Assisted Dying, Life, Death, Technology and Law

p. 135

Jonathan Clatworthy

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.13


Pain and Suffering in Cancer Patients

p. 145

Rajesh Munglani, Arun Bhaskar

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.14


Falconer's Revolutionary Imprudence

p. 163

Nigel Biggar

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.15


A Change in the Law Needs Serious Supporting Evidence - And It Isn't There

p. 173

Robert Preston

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.16


Te Lucis Ante Terminum: A Perspective on Assisted Suicide

p. 183

Michael Marsh

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.17


Assisted Dying: An International Overview

p. 197

Paul Badham

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.18


The Ars Moriendi: A Practical Approach to Dying Well

p. 209

Kathryn Paul

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.19


Acceptance and Resistance in a Theology of Death

p. 223

Paul S. Fiddes

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.20



p. 237

Ben Ryan, Edward J. Carter, Ian Markham, et al.

DOI: 10.3828/mb.2015.21




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