I very rarely get time to blog but I do feel it is worthwhile when I do manage it!  I do it in work time, but I always feel a little bit guilty about it.  Is that just me?
I would delegate It to a volunteer, but then I would worry about getting the tone right.  I do most of the Twitter and Facebook with a couple of trusted volunteers helping.  Their writing occasionally makes me cringe slightly but I just have to take that as the trade off for not having to do it all myself.


Conservation is my responsibility too.  I used to find it immensely stressful trying to supervise NADFAS volunteers as I just didn’t feel qualified to oversee what they were doing.

I try and get donations specifically for conservation which I use to buy acid free cardboard for phase boxes.  I have a team of volunteers who make them to fit each book.  We are also making photon concertinas for the negatives.  In addition, I’m lucky to have a bookbinder in the family who does some rebinding/repairs too.

Deciding whether something qualifies for a box is fairly easy, deciding what merits further work is more difficult.  Largely down to usage though – high use items have priority.


We don’t sadly have temperature controlled stacks either.


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Dear all,


A couple of questions for you to think about.


How many people blog about their rare book collections? Do you enjoy doing the extra research an item might require for a blog post?  Is this part of your job role, or do you have to squeeze it in when you can?



Conservation issues – do you have funding for conservation?  How do you decide whether an item qualifies for conservation? Do you put everything in boxes? Do you have temperature controlled stacks?


I’d be very interested in hearing about what people do regarding conservation, is it your responsibility or someone else’s?






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Dear all,


We’re moving into our final hour in the e-forum and now is your chance to bring up any other queries you have been thinking about over the last two days, or anything that yesterday’s discussions raised.


Please do join in!






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Welcome back everybody!


If you have taken part in the cataloguing exercise and have any records you would like to share with us, please, post them to the list.


If you have any questions relating to rare books cataloguing in general, please, post them as well.


I included a rare books genre heading (http://rbms.info/vocabularies/genre/alphabetical_list.htm) in my record no. 2 and I was wondering whether other institutions/ cataloguers were using them on a regular basis, too, or not.




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