Hi Katie,

We use Summon and we used to have the same problems with the discovery layer – particularly with the 700 fields (not being able to display subfield ‘e’ and the University of Liverpool’s local code), the Library Systems Manager managed to tweak the system, he said that something in Summon had been switched off.  It might be worth talking to the Systems Department in your Library.

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We have a similar problem here with our library catalogue (Sirsi Dynix’s Symphony) and discovery layer (Summon). The “extra” detail, i.e. the 561 and 563 fields, plus things like 700s  only show up on the OPAC if you click on an extra button called “catalogue record” from the record. They don’t show up at all in Summon, which is really frustrating.

Has anyone else had any success with a discovery layer and rare books cataloguing?!

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Ah, the problems of library management systems!  We have had plenty of problems with our disovery layer – Primo – mainly because the Systems team were overstretched and our requests were not seen as a priority – we have only recently (in the last couple of weeks) had our 561 and 563 fields searchable and displaying – after requesting this for about four years!  Very frustrating putting all the work into the catalogue records but not having the information searched or displayed!


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Hello Everyone,

I had a few problems getting to grips with provenance for quite some time, the problems I encountered were mainly due to our Library management system – Sierra not having searchable provenance and binding fields, however, with a great deal of help from both my line manager and the Library Systems Manager, we were able to get searchable 562 provenance and 563 binding fields.

I have found David Pearson’s book – ‘Provenance Research in book history : A handbook’ invaluable.

I initially found it very hard to describe provenance, and I think I was way to wordy, after looking at examples from other Libraries with major rare book collections, I learnt that it is important to be brief and succinct.  Another important rule is to only describe what you see, don’t make any second guesses.

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