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I’m Katrina and I work at Kingston University. Whilst we have very few of what people traditionally think of as ‘Rare books’ we are recataloguing the Special Collection books held by our Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture using the DCRM(B) standard. They already have records catalogued to a mix of quality so we’re hoping that by recataloguing them more fully their use will increase (plus obviously it’s good to have a fuller record of exactly what we have!


Training-wise I’ve done the first of the 2 standalone modules run by Aberystwyth and a one-day course run by the CILIP Rare Books and Special Collections Group – which was really well worth it.




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Good morning and welcome to the CIG rare books cataloguing e-forum from your three moderators, Karen Pierce (Cardiff University), Katie Flanagan (Brunel University) and Iris O’Brien (The British Library), we’ll be here between 10am and 4pm over the next couple of days.  We’re delighted to have a number of people signed up to the e-forum and are looking forward to sharing knowledge, experience and questions as we consider the following topics:


Wed 15th April (10-4)

10-12.30: Routes into rare book cataloguing

2-4: Standards and Provenance

Thursday 16th April (10-4)

10-12.30: Looking at practical examples

2-3: Continue looking at practical examples

3-4: Any other queries?


This will help give some direction to our discussions but they aren’t set in stone, so don't feel you can't post something you wanted to talk about if you are only around at a particular time of day.  If you're posting about something new, then please give your subject header a relevant title so that those participating can keep track of conversations more easily and include [CIG-E-FORUM] in the header to aid those who are filtering mail into a separate folder.   We’ll have a lunch break between 12.30 and 2, but please feel free to keep posting over this time as well. 


Tomorrow’s session will focus on practical examples.  The links to early printed books for the practical exercise are on the CIG website, alongside a template to create your own records: http://www.cilip.org.uk/cataloguing-indexing-group/events/cig-e-forum-rare-books-cataloguing


We hope people will share their records with the e-forum on the second day; it is not compulsory to submit the records if you just want to have a go in private but we would encourage people to do so. You only need to complete those fields and subfields you think are necessary for each title and feel free to add extra fields to the form where necessary (e.g. additional note or subject fields). We would like to assure you that shared records won’t be 'marked' or ‘judged' in any way and that we expect that the records submitted won't all be identical. In fact, it's the differences in records which will aid our discussions.



On a practical note it might be worth me mentioning at the start of the day that messages sometimes take a little while to appear on JISCmail lists, so if your message doesn't appear straight away then please don't worry or re-send.  We're not moderating the list, so it will get through.  


So, to kick us off for today, please feel free to introduce yourselves to the list and either tell us how you got into rare book cataloguing (if it’s a role you already have), or feel welcome to ask questions about it.





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