Hi Lucy,


I too really enjoy doing the research and writing blog posts, but as ever it is a time issue.  Seeing as I generally only spend 1 day a fortnight with the rare books I can’t do it then – but I have to ensure I take any photos I need when with the item.  Writing it up when the item is not in front of me, isn’t quite the same – but as long as I have the catalogue record and pics it is usually ok.  


I do enjoy reading blog posts from other institutions about their treasures though!




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Dear Karen,


I am pleased you have raised the question about blogging! I would love to do more research in order to write more blog posts but I have to squeeze it in wherever possible and it always seems to be the last thing on my to do list. I am always very jealous of the output of some of my colleagues around the UK. I do run the Twitter feed for the department but also find this quite tricky to keep up with.


Here at the Bodleian we are lucky as we have funding to box every new book which comes into the library, and we now have shiny new temperature controlled stacks in the Weston. As far as conservation goes we don’t get much unless it has been funded directly. There is a “duty conservator” (as we call it here) budget for things such as tipping in leaves which are torn out or putting loose items in melenex but that is it really!


Best, Lucy


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Dear all,


A couple of questions for you to think about.


How many people blog about their rare book collections? Do you enjoy doing the extra research an item might require for a blog post?  Is this part of your job role, or do you have to squeeze it in when you can?



Conservation issues – do you have funding for conservation?  How do you decide whether an item qualifies for conservation? Do you put everything in boxes? Do you have temperature controlled stacks?


I’d be very interested in hearing about what people do regarding conservation, is it your responsibility or someone else’s?






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Dear all,


We’re moving into our final hour in the e-forum and now is your chance to bring up any other queries you have been thinking about over the last two days, or anything that yesterday’s discussions raised.


Please do join in!






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Welcome back everybody!


If you have taken part in the cataloguing exercise and have any records you would like to share with us, please, post them to the list.


If you have any questions relating to rare books cataloguing in general, please, post them as well.


I included a rare books genre heading (http://rbms.info/vocabularies/genre/alphabetical_list.htm) in my record no. 2 and I was wondering whether other institutions/ cataloguers were using them on a regular basis, too, or not.




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