I can help here.  I have a number of examples. However, the point is that the best way to get students to "own" the process is by getting them to design the criteria. They do come up with similar critic each time but their own words and understanding of what the criteria mean can be a valuable part of the process.

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I have a non-technical query about using WebPA.


I was wondering whether anyone has a ‘bank’ of criteria they use in their WebPA assessments that they would be willing to share?  As part of our use of WebPA I have been asked to develop a series of example criteria that you could use or modify to suit your needs.


I realise there a few sets of criteria on the WebPA Projects website, but I was hoping to gather a reasonable quantity or ‘bank’ from which tutors could quickly and easily build (or modify) criteria sets that they could use in their own assessments.


If I get sufficient responses I am more than happy to collate the criteria and share back with the community if people think this is of value.


Thanks in advance.







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