Hello All

Thank you Suzy for the invite and request to share my practice, I’m excited
to meet you all and see the conversations, below is a semi-brief
introduction to my practice and two long term projects which both have
significant milestones this month. (no matter how much planning goes in,
you can’t fight the clouds).

*Project Nimbus *- is the digital and analogue research into the projection
of moving images onto clouds from aircraft.  Stage one uses repurposed
Muybridge projection technology from 1800s, designed in collaboration with
physicists, makers, pilots, cultural experts.

* (password 1889 to see the proof of concept flight)*

*Souls as Software Objects [14th March] *The third performative experiment
of The Frozen Music Collective, with backgrounds in neuroscience, creative
technology, projection mapping, live AV performance and experimental
music.  Their research into using EEG (brain scanning) technology for
creative expression explores the future of humanities interdependent
relationship to technology.  The performance will be broadcast Live online
in HD next saturday for which your all invited online or in person if your
Leeds based! RSVP to [log in to unmask]


Another aspect are two collectives with whom I run annual labs as a means
for artistic production.


The Superposition is loose affiliation of Artists Scientists and Makers who
share an interest in interdisciplinary research, technology, art and the
use of materials and process.  Throughout the year we hold evenings with
speakers from art, science and maker backgrounds, ending in discussion.
These evenings serve to foster relationships between artists, scientists
and makers, to collaborate at an annual Art | Science Lab called ASMbly,
where a intensive week of production and play creates new art/sciences
pieces and prototypes in a city centre open shop fronted space.   The
prototype pieces have resulted in new commissions, international
exhibitions and festivals.  We have our 3rd Lab this September.


DigitalMediaLabs creates residential spaces for artists to think and make
without the pressures of a commission or exhibition.  The artists are
nominated and selected by the North of England’s art institutions,
festivals and collectives.  Over a week of intense research and play, the
artists emerge with new ideas, prototypes and collaborations.  There work
is shared by exhibition,  bookwork and talks by the organisers.  What we
have found interesting is the continuation of the collaborations in the
years after, the results of the lab are measured in the future
collaborations and networks created.  This is also the reason I’m here with
you today!

Apologies for making this quick email,  I wanted to get something out
before time ran away, I have to run to chase a plane and the clouds, the
clocks go back at the end of March so time + weather is of the essence!



*Full Bio below:*

Dave Lynch is an artist, director and inventor working Internationally at
the intersection of moving image, interactive installation, performance and
projection.  His practice combines elements of art, science, military,
maker and media cultures as part of it’s tactics, technologies and
production. Lynch’s research investigates models of cross disciplinary
collaborative practice through play and doing.

Lynch is interested in the use of expanded cinematic concepts, open-source
disruptive devices; guerrilla techniques and tools as a means for social
change, to explore the human interdependent relationship with technology,
virtual space and collective identity; within the vice of the current
technological paradigm shift.

Dave Lynch seeks pioneering discoveries, the joy of risk, the chance
to witness the beauty in the creation of new knowledge, processes and
prototypes.  He’s driven by the sharing, inspiration, collaboration,
education and cultural dialogue that art can provide for our everyday and

Lynch is fascinated by the fusion of new and old technologies, methods and
processes to create new tools and techniques for social engagement and
change. Often inspired by the beauty of science fact and fiction, military
advancements, cutting edge & sustainable technologies.  Imbued by the work
of the original pioneers in the cinematic, scientific and communication
fields as part of this process.

His work usually manifests through spectacle via lens based media;
interactive audio visual performance, installation, intervention and
prototypes.  He also specialises in mobile projection from moving vehicles
-cars, rickshaws and aircraft.

Collaboration is core to his artistic and commercial practice, working with
artists, academics, physicists, neuroscientists, creative technologists,
cultural experts, musicians and more.

Lynch’s research investigates models of cross disciplinary collaborative
practice through play and doing.  Especially in the convergence of art,
science and maker cultures, exploring the beauty of science though
experiential installation, modalities of process, best practice, reflective
development and language.

Lynch has pioneered the projection of moving images onto clouds using
repurposed technology from the 1800s, Projection mapping installations
controlled by brainwaves using EEG and FriiSpray - a virtual graffiti

Lynch has performed over 360 live shows, over 20 large scale installations
including the World’s once largest room, Europe’s largest indoor climbing
wall, a 20 storey cylindrical building, a 90m high quarry and seamless 360º
4D projections onto cars and complex 4m crystal clusters.

His works been featured on BBC 2, The World Service,
<>, The New York Times, VICE and Project Nimbus debuts
in New Scientist in 2015. Selected clients include: Jimi Choo, Vauxhall,
Smirnoff, Pampero, HP, Siemens, Opera North.